Build solutions to Local problems

EthiopiaHacks is an intensive 48 hours hackathon organized by the U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia in collaboration with USAID, GDGAddis, and CAWEE, to solve real-world problems with software-centric solutions.

Ethiopia is the second-most-populous country in Africa with more than 70% of its population under the age of 35. This population of youth faces enormous challenges in terms of education, employment, access to technology and opportunities to create and innovate. Hackathon participants are between 18-25 thus hosting a Hackathon allows us to understand how best to inspire Ethiopian youth to imagine, plan, design, compose, invent, create, innovate, build, and construct. The program aims to make the most diverse hackathon sessions with a goal of 35% participation from women in each session.

Design The Challenge

Hackathons help focus your design and critical thinking skills on solving challenges. You get the opportunity to understand the problem, analyze it, and come up with feasible solutions.

Build The Solution

This is about results! You will build a digital solution that truly solves a problem. Team collaboration helps to develop coordination capacity, share experience, and develop a network of partners.

Win Big Prizes

The teams with the top solutions will receive prizes, but everyone benefits from the experience and will have the chance to show their ideas to potential stakeholders.

The goal of the program is to let passionate, talented, creative, and diverse youth Ethiopian come together and create the opportunity to them to form a team builds apps or technologies that will support agriculture, reduce maternal mortality, reduce hazardous chemicals, prevent air, water, and soil pollution, promote healthy living and combat epidemics, waterborne & communicable diseases and so on.

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Backpack (3)

For all 3 top teams

Arduino Uno Kit

For the 1st place team

Arduino Nano Kit

For the 2nd place team

Headsets & USB Flash drives

For the 3rd place team

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


  • Anyone living in Ethiopia.
  • Anyone who is interested in computer programming and loves to learn and build cool stuff can attend.
  • Your age must be between 18 to 25.
  • You need to be willing to attend the hackathon for 48 hours.
  • The basics of programming is enough for anyone to be considered.
  • Make sure that this is a team's event.
    • The whole point of forming teams and working on a project gives you the opportunity to work in a real-life setting. I mean seriously, that’s how it works in the industry. You have to learn to work with people from different backgrounds, different skill sets, etc. What better way than a hackathon to get used to it? Teams include a maximum of 5 people. Our hackathons have “Meet-and-Greet” events before the actual event where you get to talk to attendees and look for teammates.


Your solution is regardless of platforms (Website, Mobile Application, etc) as the focus is on the solution itself. However, follow the criteria in the "Judging Criteria" section: 

Don't forget to:

  • Name your group
  • The demo is working properly 
  • Stick to your time (- minutes)
  • Ask questions if you have any concerns or questions left to one of the organizers










Judging Criteria

  • Feasibility
    How the proposed system is feasible in terms of cost and operation.
  • Functional Requirement
    How much the system addressed the required problem.
  • Technical Methodology
    How the proposed system is built and the methodology they followed
  • Team Work
    How much the team collaborated throughout the stay, by defining roles to the team members.
  • Applied Technology
    The technology they have applied and range of technology usage
  • UI/UX
    The User Interface and The User Experience they have applied in the system
  • Localization and Usability
    How the system is built in consideration of local user and people with disability
  • Version Control
    How far the team applied version control mechanism (using either GitHub, GitLab and so on).
  • *Note on Version Control
    This criteria of Version Control has a small scoring point but helps the teams to exercise the version control methodology which is currently essential in every software development process especially for team collaboration.


  • Machine Learning/ AI
  • Social Good
  • Cybersecurity